Orlin Aleksiev does not stop at his goals and aspirations

Guarantee quality education is one of the fundamental rights that every government must provide its inhabitants, not in vain many officials have included in the programs of governments the objectives and goals, taking into account their political objectives and social needs.

At present, it is very important to use an important amount of resources to transform, improve and maintain all aspects of the educational platform that allows them to transit in the process of development. Since the better, the education in a social group the better their job options, and their conditions to work.
That is why Orlin Aleksiev, the councilor of Sofia municipality does not stop at his goals and aspirations to make an investment in education a priority. For Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев), to develop in the environment with adequate conditions to be able to study is indispensable and this is the main reason why the annual projects of the Sofia Municipality are mainly focused on directing a large part of the budget in education. Precisely one of the main goals is to build a cozy and safe environment for children from infancy to attend their school without limitations.
Reinventing to find and distribute resources in an efficient and equitable manner has also been the key of Orlin Aleksiev, directing the resources of the agency that is responsible for collecting and distributing the proceeds of sales of municipal property.

Statistics and reports from global organizations such as the World Bank reveal that countries like Bulgaria make large investments, in a much more efficient way, in a balanced way and very committed to the goals. What allows detecting any weakness and recovering normality?

In order to favor the learning process, it is very important to design and promote the construction of the necessary conditions that allow the educational and integral development in the environments provided for this purpose.
During the last decade several regions of the world have made efforts to improve their standards of education and training, and structure is one of the most essential issues.

Posted on July 1, 2019